The Getúlio Vargas Foundation was founded in 1944 by Luiz Simões Lopes with the purpose to create a center of excellence in education and research in Brazil aiming to modernize the public administration. The introduction of the debate about development and economic planning in Brazil is among one of the Foundation’s pioneering achievement. The Foundation founded the basis for the application of the economic rationality and management built on scientific research and information. The Foundation has been at the forefront of establishing the operation of balance account, national account, and the main economic indicators and indexes. Leaders graduated from FGV were actively involved in the rapid economic growth experienced by the country up until 1980.

During the 50’s the initial focus of the Foundation (public administration and economic management) was expanded. The FGV launched activities and programs directed at business administration and the broad field of the social sciences. It was a ground-breaking period in which the Foundation inaugurated in Brazil the undergraduate and graduate programs in public and private administration, and the graduate program in economics, psychology, accounting, and education.