The FGV Mission

Since its founding in 1944, the FGV has been committed toward continued realization of its core mission: contribute to the national development through the excellence in education, research, and ground-breaking activities.

These achievements were only possible due to the talent and support of fellows such as Luiz Narciso Alves de Mattos, Eugenio Gudin, Themistocles Brandão Cavalcanti, Alexandre Kafka, Octavio Gouvêa de Bulhões, Emílio Mira y Lopes, Mario Henrique Simonsen and Luis Carlos Bresser Pereira among others.

Throughout the Foundation’s journey thousand of public and private leaders, economists, and top-level technicians have graduated. In addition to its notorious businessmen and public leaders, the FGV is currently the research institution in Brazil with the leading academic productivity in number of articles nationally and internationally published. No other institution has contributed to that extent to the added value of that public good in our country.

As the Getúlio Vargas Foundation enters the third millennia it embraces new challenges and new ways of thinking. Mainly, the Foundation aims: to take advantage of the new teaching diversity resultant of the current technological advancement; to increase productivity countrywide so as to tackle globalization; to expand its hallmark core competency abroad through its international performance improvement; the expansion of its research and educational activities in the country; and above all, to seek out the academic enhancement of its schools, institutions, and centers, having its core mission as the basis for such purposes.

These challenges are the basis for the Foundation institutional strategy, which will continue to abide by its initial proposition, chartered in the first item of the statute set forth by Luiz Simões Lopes: '…to serve more and better Brazil.'